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Mangusta 030 



Why MANGUSTA 030 ?


Mangusta is an electric elevator that employs the innovative traction system, patented ARE-H2E®, a technology which allows our elevating platforms to consume less than 0.15 Kilowatt. This is half the amount of energy consumed by hydraulic elevating platforms. Furthermore, since Mangusta has two batteries, it can still be used in the event of a prolonged blackout.

True Energy Saving Elevator

Mangusta is provided with an innovative traction system, patented ARE H2E (High Efficient Energy), which allows the use of only 0.30 kW power and the consumption of only half the electricity required by hydraulic elevators. Also, the presence of two batteries allows the use of Mangusta even in the event of an extended blackout.


The comparison between Mangusta and a hydraulic installation based on the length of the travel. Mangusta consumes 50% less electricity even if it offers superior advantages and performances to a hydraulic elevator.



Mangusta is provided with a speed limiter that avoids the uncontrolled movement of the cabin, wherever it may be.

Comfort and Silent Operation

Soft departures and arrivals, stopping precision and silence are distinctive traits of Mangusta, designed and made to offer maximum comfort.


Decorate the space in motion by choosing the finishes that best suit your environments and satisfy your taste as you would for any furnishing accessory. 


MANGUSTA is beautifully designed to fit into any commercial building, apartment, home, or residential care facility. with no bulky equipment, and minimal earthworks required, our lifts leave a minimal footprint. no machine room needed.


Masonry shaft

The lifts travel inside a shaft to guarantee, according to law, the maximum safety. The shaft can be obtained inside the house making it in masonry or concrete.


Metallic structure

Alternatively we can provide a metal structure, certified according to the anti-seismic norms, designed for indoor or outdoor (since it is weather-proof). The structure has multiple finishes and can be completely glazed to ensure good easthetic result, lightness and visibility.



Swing doors

As standard, the inDOMO and STAIRfit lifting platforms are offered with swing glazed doors that guarantee maximum visibility and passive safety.


Automatic doors

They can also be equipped with automatic sliding doors or with internal folding doors and external automatic swing doors  which allow automatic control avoiding to keep the button pressed during the entire ride.

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