Indoor platform lift

DomoFlex Open Indoor

Our homelifts are designed to solve the needs of vertical mobility and to remove architectural barriers in all environments, both private and public.


They represent the ideal solution to overcome the stairs and rediscover the pleasure of moving freely in every moment of the day.


They can be installed both inside and outside the building in special metal structures or between the walls of the house.


They ensure a high level of ride comfort, great reliability, and total safety, for example, guaranteed by the automatic emergency lowering system in the event of a power failure.

They can be installed in new buildings but fit perfectly every existing environment, increasing their value.

The ideal solution for different requirements and installations.
It doesn’t need a pit. Short assembly time.

It can be installed in existing penthouses or lofts with lower ceilings thanks to its open structure and to the 1100 mm high gate.

230 Vac single phase

Suggested use


Suggested use

Max Payload



Thanks to the wide range of specific devices you can move around the house without worries, every day with complete peace of mind.


It can be operated with the push of a button, both in the cabin and on the landings. Choosing the version with the doors in the cab, automatic sliding or folding, you will not have to hold the button pressed during the entire ride.


Decorate the space in motion by choosing the finishes that best suit your environments and satisfy your taste as you would for any furnishing accessory. Our renewed range of cabins, Smart – Idea – Style and Opera, best represents the expression of MADE IN ITALY.


STAIRfit is our compact model created to be installed in limited spaces and ideal for insertion in stairwells of particularly reduced width. Each lift is made to measure in order to take advantage of every single centimetre available.


Masonry shaft

The lifts travel inside a shaft to guarantee, according to law, the maximum safety. The shaft can be obtained inside the house making it in masonry or concrete.

Metallic structure

Alternatively we can provide a metal structure, certified according to the anti-seismic norms, designed for indoor or outdoor (since it is weather-proof). The structure has multiple finishes and can be completely glazed to ensure good easthetic result, lightness and visibility.


Swing doors

As standard, the inDOMO and STAIRfit lifting platforms are offered with swing glazed doors that guarantee maximum visibility and passive safety.

Automatic doors

They can also be equipped with automatic sliding doors or with internal folding doors and external automatic swing doors (myDOMO) which allow automatic control avoiding to keep the button pressed during the entire ride.

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